The Keys to Success , Abundance and Happiness

Happiness is the goal towards which men strive. People look many places trying to find happiness. They look for it in family. They search for happiness through friends. They hope that education and financial prosperity will bring them happiness. For some, the above-mentioned things do provide them with a measure of happiness. However, for many people, even after pursuing these things to the maximum, happiness still eludes them. The question is, what is it that makes the difference between individuals who live a happy and financially successful life, and other individuals who live a life that is unfulfilling and sad?

Value-Quotes-GIving-QuoteMore Is Needed Than Just Money

When asked, many people would say that their life would be happier if they just had more money. However, research shows that having money does not automatically lead to happiness. An economic historian wrote a book entitled, ‘How Much Is Enough?’ In it, he stated that the evidence shows that people are getting richer and richer, but they are not getting happier. But why is this the case?

One of the factors that are considered in this book is the idea of how the desire to get more money is actually depriving people of the basic necessities that they need in order to be happy. These necessities are enumerated as health, education, leisure time, friendships, and interaction with nature. People, in their attempt to acquire more financial things, work long hours and as a result their health deteriorates. The same working schedule makes it so that their relationships with family and friends are tarnished. Additionally, it leads them to have very little time for leisure and interaction with nature. As a result, even though they have more money, they feel sadder all of the time.

As humans, we were designed to need more than just money. In order to be happy, we must have a sense of purpose in what we are doing with our everyday life. Does this mean then that an individual who dedicates a large amount of their time to working and earning money cannot be happy? Absolutely not.

Being Happy Making Money While Helping Others

There are many examples of individuals who work extremely hard, make tons of money, and unbelievably happy. One of the reasons why they are able to achieve this level of happiness is because the work that they do does not just benefit them. Their work and the wealth that comes from it, adds value to the lives of people around them. They live their lives in a way that reflects what Albert Einstein wrote when he said, ‘Only a life lived for others is worth living.’

The feeling of wholeness or the feeling of completion that comes from knowing that at the end of every single day you did something that was worthwhile brings a greater sense of happiness and success to an individual than anything else can. A good way to see the proof of this is to look at some of the richest individuals in the world.

Many have worked hard for decades to amass a fortune and now they are some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet. What are they doing? Well, all we have to do is look at individuals like Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs. They used their time, their efforts, and their energies to get involved in projects that they felt were really going to make a positive change in the lives of others. It is this, and not just the money that they have, that makes them feel happy.

Love What You Do and Do What You Love

On the road to success there are going to be a lot of failures. Without a doubt, many of the individuals who right now would be considered by the majority of people to be successful, can honestly say that there was a point in their life where they felt like nothing was going right. However, these individuals were stuck with an idea and eventually became financially successful.

Passion-Quotes-copyHowever, the only reason that they were able to do these things is because they loved the work that they were doing. Some financially successful individuals are entrepreneurs and inventors. They were willing to go through failure after failure when it came to inventing their product or building their enterprise. However, the failure did not feel like a complete and total loss because every single day that they went to work, they loved what they did.

Eventually that drive and that passion that they had for work started to provide them with financial benefits. However, they were only able to reach that level of success because they started working at doing something that they were extremely passionate about.

Keep Learning, Keep Going

In order to be happy and financially successful, something that a person can never ever quit doing is learning. The world is full of individuals who know how to do any project that you may want to do better than you do. As humans, we only have two hands and we only have a finite amount of time on this planet. Therefore, the best way for us to make the most of our time is to use the leverage that we have. This means learning from others who have gone before us. This means taking advantage of the experience, networks, and money that other individuals might provide. Doing this will allow an individual to achieve their success and do it in a way that will keep them happy.

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